Jumbl HIP-DA01 Review

A door chime system is useful for nearly any modern home, and can often be a more pleasant alternative to people knocking loudly on your door. The problem is that it can be somewhat of a hassle trying to set up a traditional doorbell system, often requiring wires to be run inside the walls. The newest homes may have this built in already, but not everyone is so fortunate. Luckily, there’s a way to avoid all the hassle while also making your doorbell more fun, personal, and customizable.


Shiny and New

Jumbl has come up with the HIP-DA01, a battery-operated wireless doorbell system that only requires you to mount two units: the transmitter and the receiver. With their sleek and stylish looks, Jumbl is taking something as mundane as a doorbell and propelling it into the 21st century. The system includes 48 different chimes and 4 volume levels, making it far more versatile and fun than the traditional ding-dong of most doorbells. Best of all, since there are no moving parts, you won’t have to worry about mechanical failures occurring.

Easy Installation

As mentioned, the Jumbl HIP-DA01 is completely wireless. So all you have to do is mount the two parts in appropriate places. The chiming unit has two holes for screws (not included) so that it can be mounted nearly anywhere with little effort. The button unit has an adhesive back, allowing for its installation without using any tools. Beyond that, you only need to keep these two units supplied with AAA batteries for the chime and a 12V alkaline battery for the push button.


The HIP-DA01 has a modern look to it with its rounded, white design resembling something that Apple would make. The white plastic is complemented by soft blue LED lighting that indicates door activity to you. Basically, this door chime system will look great on nearly any home, and is a nice upgrade to existing systems.

What People Are Saying


On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, the vast majority of people who have used the HIP-DA01 have rated it 4 or 5 on Amazon, citing its ease of use, ease of installation, ample set of chimes, long wireless range, and nice looks. And for about $16.99, it’s likely the best value that you’ll find when it comes to taking your boring doorbell and making it a lot more fresh and fun.

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