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With the way the the economy is going, it is no wonder why there are more break-ins and holdups than ever before. People are getting desperate out there. Not only are houses being burglarized but the holdups are becoming more and more common at all hours of the day. It use to be that the majority of burglaries happened at night or during the holidays, not anymore. They are happening 24/7.

What can you do to protect family, your home, your valuables and yourself? That is what millions of Americans ask themselves every day. The truth is, nobody can truly stop crime from happening but you can help prevent it. You may ask yourself-how can I prevent crime? For starters, begin with your home. One day (and soon), take a walk around the perimeter of your home.


Make a little checklist:

  • Check all doors and windows-are they secure and in good working order?
  • Do you have deadbolts on your side and rear doors?
  • Do the sliding doors have a working lock on them?
  • Do you have adequate lighting around the exterior of your home?
  • Are bushes and shrubs trimmed so a burglar can’t hide behind them?

You need to make sure you take care of all the things that were wrong on the perimeter of your home. If you do that, you wont need to worry too much about the interior of your home. I say that because if the perimeter is covered-they shouldn’t be able to get inside your home.

What is suggested though is every year go through your valuables inside your home. Write down serial numbers, take pictures…take video if you can. Don’t prolong it because you never know when you may have a burglary in you home.  Of course we want to try and protect ourselves as best we can so having the perimeter of your house is one way to deter thieves. Another way is to get one of the best deterrents out there-a burglar alarm. You may even have a burglar alarm already installed in your home. It may have been there from a previous owner and you just never really thought it would be necessary to use-well I am here to tell you that you will want to use it. And if there is not an alarm currently installed in your house, now is the time to think about getting one.


As I have said before, purchasing a burglar alarm system is easy and there are so many choices out there. There are burglar alarms made for any budget. There are wireless burglar alarm systems for people who don’t wire ran through their homes or businesses. There are hardwired systems, systems that are silent, systems that are connected to a loud siren, systems that you view online,systems that do not require a phone line and use cellular back-up to transmit signals. Now there are even internet security cameras out there. The point is-there are options and it does not need to cost you much.

Look, as I have said before, if a burglar really wants to get in: they are going to do it. By getting a burglar alarm installed-you are helping protect your family and give yourself a piece of mind. A burglar knowing you have an alarm system will usually move on to the next house. That is why I say a burglar alarm is an awesome way to deter thieves.


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